Spring Rec Soccer

2009 - 2017 Birth Year - Coed

UpdatedTuesday March 9, 2021 byKacey Fern.

Outside Soccer is BACK!!!!

Rec soccer for players PRE-K(2017 & 2016) – 2009 Birth Year

April 17th – May 22nd

Due to Covid we are offering a Trainer run program that enables the players to be on the field for an hour once a week for six weeks. 

Our program will be held at NYMA's Rec fields off Academy Ave.

Players will be assigned time slots per age group and games will be run by our training staff.  Players will NOT have practice during the week.  Every player will be given two practice vests that they should bring every week, which should not be shared with others.  The trainer will assign teams on a weekly basis, which may or may not change.   We will not be accepting player team requests this year.  We are trying to have all players with the same birth year play at the same time.  This will depend on registration numbers.   

-Parents are welcome to watch, but must practice social distancing procedures and wear a face covering. 

-Players will be asked to wear face covering to and from the field.

-Players will have the option to take their face covering off while playing.    

-Trainers will be wearing face coverings. 

-Full Covid guidelines will be sent out during the week before play is to start.  Play will be held for six consecutive Saturdays beginning April 17th and ending May 22nd. 

-We are not seeking Volunteers this year.  

-Any athletic shorts and shirt can be worn, if they have a favorite jersey, even better.  Players are encouraged to wear cleats (not  pre-K), but sneakers will work.  I included a link below for a reasonably priced pair of cleats, but any will do.  Please send all questions to Kacey Fern after you have read the above paragraph: cornwallrecsoccer@gmail.com


*We plan to hold practice / games between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays, Pre-k usually starts first and we work our way up in age from there.  Times will be set once we see our registration numbers.

**We are following NYS Covid health guidelines.  They are subject to change.

***Please upload a current picture of your player, it helps us learn their names.